ARC Celebrates Forty Years
Added July 19, 2016

It all began in 1976 with four partners: John Petronis, Toby Pugh, Lawrence Kline and Wolfgang Preiser (Wolf’s primary occupation was as full-time professor at the University of New Mexico and the University of Cincinnati).

A few years later, John and Beth Petronis assumed sole ownership of ARC, with John serving as president and Beth as chief financial officer. In its infancy, the staff was small, and included a secretary (shared with Cherry/See Architects) and part-time assistance to complete services such as house design, graphics, some architectural programming, and historic preservation projects. In the early 1980s, we began to receive significant planning work for projects such as the New Mexico State Police Master Plan, City of Gallup Downtown Plan, Roswell Comprehensive Plan, and programming for Moriarty Schools.

As we grew, planner Ingrid Biel, IT manager Tim Price and architect Roya Mehrnoosh joined ARC. After ARC completed the 1988 APS Master Plan, the company needed more manpower, and architects Bob Robie and William Winkler, and GIS specialist Dolores Anderson joined the team.

Since then, our now-25-member-strong staff has served clients such as the State of New Mexico since 1998, numerous counties and municipalities, corporate clients such as Sandia National Laboratories since 1984, and education clients nationwide, including Albuquerque Public Schools ongoing over 28 years.

We plan to continue serving our clients and potentially expanding to new markets — now, and well into our next 40 years.