Espaņola Public School District Facilities Master Plan 2013-17
Service: Educational Facility Planning
Project Number: 21215
Completion Year: 2014

Project Sheet Download (PDF):
Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) contracted with Espaņola Public Schools in Espaņola, New Mexico, to update the district’s comprehensive facilities master plan (FMP). The plan includes a physical evaluation of the district’s school facilities and analyses of enrollment growth, facility capacity, and school facility utilization.

The district maintains almost 881,000 square feet of school and support facilities for over 3,800 students. ARC evaluated the school facilities and sites for physical condition, health/safety issues, code compliance, and programmatic issues. We recommended and prioritized capital improvement projects and identified almost $79.9 million in total capital improvement needs.

ARC codified the recommended projects and developed a computerized database for use by the district in developing funding strategies, future capital improvement project programs, and ongoing maintenance programs. The database can be periodically updated to reflect district progress in implementing the master plan and to update costs.

ARC also updated digital site and facility drawings for the district’s physical plant inventory. The drawings can be used to record changes and will assist the district in facilities management and utilization planning.