Preparation of a Facility Program and Relocation Strategy for Relocation of El Paso Independent School District Administration Functions
Service: Educational Facility Planning
Project Number: 21715
Completion Year: 2017
Location: El Paso, TX

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El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) contracted with Huitt-Zollars, Inc. (HZ) to provide programming and design services to relocate selected EPISD administration departments from an existing site to a downtown location. The project included the reuse and renovation an existing eight-story office tower of 88,000 gross square feet and construction of a new 40,000-gross-square-foot facility on an adjacent vacant site. The available maximum allowable construction cost was $18 million for both buildings.

As a subcontractor to HZ, ARC prepared a programming phase report that describes departmental requirements and a relocation strategy that identifies which functions are to be housed in the new or existing facility.

ARC toured the existing and new facilities, conducted on-site interviews with selected EPISD staff, and presented findings at two meetings with an EPISD steering committee. Based on careful consideration of functional requirements and relationships, ARC prepared a relocation strategy that placed functions with high public interaction in the new facility, and other functions in the existing office tower by floor, based on their size and special needs.

The primary objective was to fill the tower as efficiently as possible, while the secondary objective was to keep the required size of the new building within the limits of the project budget.

Client: El Paso Independent School District

Completion: October 2017