Update of the San Juan County Growth Management Plan, 2018
Service: Community Planning
Project Number: 21801
Completion Year: 2018
Location: San Juan County

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San Juan County retained Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to update the San Juan County Growth Management Plan. ARC prepared the original plan in 2009, as well as a limited update in 2012 with a land use focus.

ARC’s 2018 assignment encompassed a comprehensive update to land use, economic development, housing, facilities, transportation, water and wastewater, environment, and hazards mitigation plan elements.

In order to provide guidance on planning decisions in the large, diverse and mainly rural county, ARC conducted an online citizens survey. The survey had over 500 responses and provided the county with a clear picture of the issues most important to its residents and a definitive measure of where most residents stand on those issues. With this important tool, the county was able to adopt much-needed, but previously politically contentious, recommendations that safeguard the future of San Juan’s unique community character.

Land use remained the most pressing issue and planning resulted in substantial land use regulations.

A major economic issue was the seismic changes occurring to the oil and gas industry and their impacts on the county. By distilling and refining a myriad of reports and plans, the economic development element mapped out a path forward to pivot the regional economy and improve diversity and resiliency.