Community Planning

ARC's community plans assist our clients to identify issues and develop strategies that address current and long-range needs to improve infrastructure, enhance health and welfare, and assist local economies, while retaining local character and culture.

Our planning approach identifies project needs and communicates those needs to decision makers, community members and other stakeholders. Our role is to assist you in setting, projecting, and planning for a desired future. We help you discover ways to reach their goals, identifying required resources and the means to obtain those resources in a manner that respects local funding and implementation capacities.

We develop plans through interactive processes which depend on focused and productive user involvement. Our clients are involved throughout the process through work sessions, project briefings and via technical memoranda prepared during planning phases. With our assistance, you take ownership of the planning effort from the very beginning, resulting in long-term project success.

ARC provides rural, urban and regional planning services throughout the Southwest. They include:

  • Comprehensive planning that guides all aspects of long-range community growth
  • MainStreet (downtown) revitalization planning
  • Land use and economic planning for Native American communities
  • Community facility needs assessments and plans that include site location analysis, identification of alternative methods of providing services, development of capital improvement plans, and capital budgeting
  • Special studies including demographic analyses and growth projections for communities and educational institutions
  • Community participation strategies that range from public meetings, town halls and charrettes to web-based surveys and social media
  • Land-use regulation techniques that include zoning code revisions, subdivision ordinances and designating special districts or overlay zones

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