ARC stands at the forefront of facilities master planning for educational institutions, solidifying its position as the premier service provider in New Mexico and the southwest region.

With a rich history spanning over four decades, ARC has honed its expertise in developing comprehensive facility master plans, educational specifications, and programs of requirements. Our array of services encompasses thorough facility evaluations, utilization and capacity analyses, enrollment projections, and in-depth budget and bond cycle analyses. Additionally, we conduct ADA accessibility surveys, technology inventories, GIS analyses of school attendance boundaries, and geographically locate students to optimize school bus route planning.

Recognizing the pivotal role that facilities play in shaping the quality of education, ARC is unwaveringly committed to ensuring educational spaces are appropriate, safe, and conducive to effective learning. Through our educational specifications, we establish standards and guidelines that not only align with the latest trends in education but also foster flexibility to accommodate emerging educational models.

Acknowledging the challenging decisions faced by schools in allocating limited resources, ARC collaborates closely with educational institutions to identify, prioritize, fund, and implement necessary facility upgrades and repairs. Leveraging our in-house computer tools, we analyze classroom utilization, evaluate the condition of building systems, and identify both challenges and opportunities, having assessed over 140 million square feet of educational facilities.

Anticipating financial needs, ARC establishes precise timelines for bonds, legislative appropriations, and other funding sources crucial for successful facility projects. We recognize the vital role of local community support in passing bonds and mill levies, actively assisting school districts in crafting plans that resonate with local voters. Since the early 1980s, we have played a pivotal role in planning and funding over $3 billion worth of capital projects for school districts.

Harnessing our geographic location capabilities, we offer the unique ability to map every student in a district and provide socio-demographic data for each, aiding school districts in establishing boundaries and optimizing bus routes for efficient transportation planning.