ARC’s computer services blend seamlessly with our other services to provide an enhanced product that meets our clients’ needs.

Our web-based applications assist with utilization and capacity analysis, facility programming, condition assessments, facility master planning, and project budgeting.

ARC uses virtual servers to host websites and web-based applications for our clients. As a result, these websites always function and are highly available. We respond very quickly to issues that might cause downtime.

Utilization/Capacity Analysis Tool (UCAT)

For our utilization and capacity analysis services we developed UCAT, a web-based computer software program with a graphical, user-friendly interface.

ARC builds utilization and capacity into websites for classroom utilization and facilities inventory. An optional component for a fully integrated UCAT is interactive floor plans (IFPs). ARC ties facility data to IFPs to provide color-keyed floor plans indicating room use, occupancy, capacity, or other information. Interactively colored floor plans provide a visual analysis of how well buildings and spaces function.