ARC specializes in conducting meticulous Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) that serve as integral components of both master planning assignments and standalone services. Our FCAs are designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the physical and functional conditions of buildings and sites. This thorough examination identifies capital improvements essential for optimizing performance and ensuring compliance with building codes, accessibility standards, and sustainability requirements.

Employing a systematic process, ARC addresses various aspects crucial to facility enhancement, encompassing life/health/safety considerations, ADA accessibility, functional requirements, renewal needs, and provisions for growth. Our commitment extends to evaluating and articulating the necessary capital resources to bring facilities up to current standards, thereby ensuring longevity, safety, and efficiency.

The advantages for building owners include:

Asset Management:

  • A comprehensive asset inventory.
  • Evaluation of each asset’s condition.
  • Identification of both capital and maintenance needs.
  • A tool for tracking and monitoring asset investments.


  • Prioritization of needs.
  • Justification for internal and external funding.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Code compliance assurance.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility compliance.

ARC’s FCA reports encompass:

  • An executive summary outlining repair, renovation, and maintenance needs for the site, building, HVAC, and roof, along with an assessment of how well the building supports assigned activities and programs.
  • An ARC condition rating score.
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI) score.
  • A detailed list of capital improvement projects (CIPs) and associated costs to rectify observed deficiencies, categorized as major, secondary, and tertiary.
  • Current replacement value (CRV) determined based on national cost-estimating guides.
  • Inclusion of digital photographs for visual documentation.
  • Composite digital site plans illustrating the recommended locations for capital improvements.

Our commitment to delivering comprehensive, precise, and actionable information empowers building owners to make informed decisions about their facilities, promoting long-term sustainability and operational excellence.