Our facility master plans and programs inform and ensure successful decision making for you while you develop strategies for funding, design and implementation. Our proven approach to all our planning and programming efforts enables us to define problems by design in a format that is understandable both to clients and to architects, and results in realistic, viable decisions and plans. We effectively communicate ideas through well-structured and concise verbal, written and graphic presentations. These methods result in initial and long-term cost savings to you.

We have extensive experience conducting large-scale and specialized planning studies. Since our inception, we have provided planning services to numerous federal, state, and local governments in urban planning, land planning, and the planning of office, educational, health, and specialized facilities. We offer a wide range of planning services:

  • Planning – Comprehensive, site and land use, site selection, strategic asset facility master plans and comprehensive facility assessments, and community planning
  • Database/computer programming and analysis
  • Geographic information systems analysis and mapping
  • 3D visualization
  • Problem definition
  • Space utilization and analysis
  • Space planning and facility programming
  • Cost – benefit analysis
  • Feasibility and conceptual design studies
  • Preliminary and conceptual cost-estimating
  • Sustainability
  • Occupancy
  • Facilities management and maintenance planning, and post-occupancy evaluation

We strive to serve a diverse clientele, traveling at times around the country and even internationally. Because all of our clients have specific and individualized needs and goals, we make an extended effort to understand your unique operations, culture, and history. We have demonstrated the ability to develop expertise in planning for the specialty fields of our clients.